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PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)
PADI Enriched Air Diver (Nitrox)

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Who should take this course?

The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is PADI’s most popular specialty scuba course. Why? Because scuba diving with enriched air nitrox gives you more no decompression time, especially on repetitive scuba dives. If staying down longer and getting back in the water sooner sounds appealing, then don’t hesitate to become an enriched air diver.

If you’re a PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver who is at least 12 years old, you can enroll in the Enriched Air Diver Specialty course. Note that in some regions the minimum age is older than 12.

What will you learn?

You’ll learn why diving with air that has higher oxygen and lower nitrogen content gives you more bottom time, along with enriched air equipment considerations. During a practical session, and two optional (or required) scuba dives, you’ll:

• Discuss managing oxygen exposure.

• Practice analyzing oxygen content in your scuba tank.

• Set your dive computer for diving with enriched air nitrox.

How can you start learning now?
Contact us and get your studying material today! Read the Enriched Air Diver Manual and watch the Enriched Air Diving video.

There are two ways on completing the course:

1] Theory only. You study independently the course material which you will discuss with your PADI Enriched Air instructor at your theory evening. We will be also getting into gas analysing, dive planning with various gas mixes and get deeper into diving with enriched air - the advantages and on the other hand, hazards. The theory lesson together with independent study will provide you the knowledge needed to purchase Nitrox -gas and conduct Nitrox dives independently with your buddy.

2] You can also book two Nitrox dives with your Enriched Air Instructor. This will deepen you knowledge and increase confidence and experience in enriched air and generally in diving. Very recommended and adds loads of fun to the course as well. You will agree on the open waters' diving day together with your instructor and the other participants during the course.

What gear will you use?

Most modern scuba equipment and dive computers can be used with enriched air, but your PADI Instructor will let you know if your gear meets manufacturer recommendations and local requirements. However, scuba tanks must meet oxygen service standards and be dedicated for use with enriched air. You’ll practice using oxygen analyzers and special cylinder decals. Your PADI Dive Center staff will explain other equipment you may need to enjoy enriched air diving.

Just to get you in the mood, enjoy!

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Turkka K. 7.9.2022
Overall rating 5 An excellent, concise and compact course.
Jarkko H. 16.9.2020
Overall rating
Excellent trainer.
Jeroen P. 27.2.2020
Overall rating
Very well explained and I enjoyed this course.
Björn F. 31.8.2019
Overall rating
A good course where both theory and practical parts were covered.
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