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Shark Sirius

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Tuotteen kuvaus
Powered by two 26650 rechargeable batteries and delivering 4000 lumens on maximum this light will brighten your dive.
On max effect you will get about 90 min burn time but if you want a bit longer times you can dim down to 75 or 50% light and dramatically increase time up to beyond 5 hours on one charge.

This powerful handheld primary light delivers 4000 lumen with three power modes (100/75/50%). The beam is narrow to enable signalling under water, but still gives a nice corona of softer light to illuminate your surroundings. Sirius has been tested in our facility in Gothenburg to >200 meters, recommended maximum diving depth is 150 meters. Rechargeable and user replaceable quality batteries from XTAR give about 90 min burn time if set to max and about 180 min on 50%. The light still delivers 2000 lumen in this mode!

A comfortable and adjustable aluminium goodman handle is included, as well as a lanyard and a 12V car charger cable.

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2000 lumen

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